You can pass your test!

If you are preparing to take licensing exam, this course will help you fine tune your understanding of the code calculations and tables and get ready for a passing score on your exam.
We use the Electrician's Exam Preparation text book by Mike Holt as the guide and format for this class. This is an excellent study reference as you prepare to take your exam.


This Class Covers

- Electrical code tables

- Electrical calculations

- Pipe sizing

- Wire ampacity tables how to apply 110-14(C) requirements for temperature limitations at terminations

- Junction box sizing

- Motor branch circuits

- Motor feeder circuits

- Residential service calculations

- Electrical theory review

- Transformers and much more!

That's right: all of the things that are on the licensing exams, but most of us do not use every day in the field, and we really need to review before taking a test!

The typical code calculation problem will be presented in this manner:

- The Instructor will first provide relevant instruction, explaining code requirements and calculation methods.
- The Instructor will work an example to demonstrate the proper application of the instruction just provided.
- The class participants will work problems to build understanding and reinforce instruction.
- Participants will come away from the class with the ability to work code problems on their own.

These classes are also approved for continuing education for electrician license renewal in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota,  Iowa, Montana and numerous other states including North Dakota that recognize these pre-approvals. Be aware that state approvals can change on short notice, so check and be sure that your state is covered, and check to see if they will accept one of our pre-approvals if they are not listed here.

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