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Electrical Apprentice Classes

AETech’s Electrical Apprentice Program has been designed with you in mind! AETech provides an alternative education for the Apprentice Electrician.

We understand that not every individual has a schedule or the resources to attend a two year Technical School. So we designed a full-time day-time program that allows you to spend your entire day studying the topics that are of interest to you and will speed you toward your goal of employment in an interesting, great-paying career as an electrician.

We spend the full day on the technical topics necessary to your success and do not require you to spend any time repeating General Education Classes similar to what you have probably taken in the past. Those same General Education Courses were an important part of your over-all learning experience in the past, but our program makes full use of your time to fill your days with the technical education you need to start your future NOW. This is why we are able to help you complete this training program in four months, NOT a matter of years.

At AETech we believe that hands-on training is the key to success!

We have Electrical training labs from:

Certifications and Licenses

Start your Career as an Electrician Today!

Upcoming Classes

Fall 2023 Classes

Upcoming Classes

Spring 2024 Classes

Classes are limited to 12 student. Preregister for Classes Today for $50.00

For more information on Tuition and Student Aid, please click here.