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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer electrical training from the First year Apprentice to Master Electrician. This includes classes such as: Code Update, Apprenticeship, Comprehensive Exam Preparation for Journeyman, Comprehensive Exam Prep for Contractor/Master, Motor Controls, OSHA, and NFPA 70E Electrical Safety.

Our office (and classroom) is located 320 East Blvd North, Rapid City, SD, 57701. A Map to our location is included at the footer of each page of our website. 

You can register entirely online at or you can call 605-342-9088.

We offer Code Classes in SD, WY, and MT. Custom classes can be arranged at your location.

The cost of our classes is posted on the website under each individual type of class.

At our AETech Classroom at 320 East Blvd North, Rapid City, SD.

There are four blocks in the Apprenticeship Program. Each month-long block is priced individually, and the price is on the website, or call us.

Our classes range in size from eight or ten people to close to 100. Most classes are in the 20 to 35 range allowing us to provide more individualized attention to questions. Exam prep classes are on the smaller end of the scale.

That is a process that is different for every state. Currently we send in the hours to South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, and Utah. The individual student is required to send in their completion certificate to other states such as Wyoming, North Dakota, and Nebraska. These rules do change without much notice, so be sure you know at the time of taking a class what the requirements are for your state. 

Yes. Please be sure you file your certificate and make copies if necessary. We very often receive requests for replacement certificates from students who have lost theirs and need them to renew a license. Please don’t be caught in that situation.

We usually offer the Exam Prep class approximately every 6 weeks.

Since the classes are two to five days long, we offer them in Rapid City, SD, in our classroom. That way we have more scheduling flexibility, and are able to conduct smaller classes which sometimes might not be economically feasible in a conference center. Yet, our 2,700 square foot classroom can accommodate larger classes as well.

The Exam Prep classes are based on the current edition of the National Electrical Code, and are suitable for preparation in any state testing on that Edition. Currently, we are using the 2021 Code.

No. Meeting the licensing requirements, applying for the license, and paying the licensing fee is the responsibility of each individual electrician.

This can vary from state-to-state, and is not always the same. In most cases, states require that you have four years of experience as an apprentice working for a licensed electrical contractor. Some states also have educational requirements.