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Changes to the National Electrical Code Textbook, 2020 NEC


This textbook by Mike Holt makes it easy to learn the Code Changes featuring hundreds of illustrations, color icons, in-depth analysis, insightful author’s comments, practical examples, practical questions, and more.

This textbook by Mike Holt makes it easy to learn the Code Changes. Textbook features include:

  • Hundreds of Illustrations. Detailed instructional images display the Code changes in applied scenarios. 
  • Color Icons. Explanatory icons help you identify the specifics of each revision, along with easy-to-understand explanations.
  • In-depth Analysis. The rule is explained along with background information on the purpose of the change with contributions from some of the brightest minds in the electrical industry.
  • Insightful Author’s Comment. Special notes help to provide interpretation and clarification of the rule and highlight its application in the real world.
  • Practical Examples. Reinforce your understanding of the change with real-life calculations and situations with step-by-step solutions.
  • Practice Questions. Test your knowledge and understanding.

Product Code: 20BK
ISBN: 978-1-950431-01-4
Pages: 608
Illustrations: 731
Practice Questions: 100